Saudi Arabia plans mega airport in the desert: King Salman Airport

A giant airport is planned in Saudi Arabia that could overshadow all other airports. / King Salman Airport

What are the plans for King Salman International Airport so far. / King Salman Airport

Saudi Arabia wants to become a popular tourist destination, that is well known. To this end, the desert state regularly plans and builds huge attractions. Now the Islamic country has come up with another big plan: a mega airport. The name is already set, as is the size, planned passenger volume, etc. King Salman International Airport, named after the current reigning monarch, is to replace King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, i.e. to be built on top of it.

World’s largest airport from 2030 in Saudi Arabia?

Six parallel runways are planned at King Salman International Airport, as the commissioned architects from “Foster + Partners” explain. From 2050 onwards, 185 million passengers are to be channeled through the mega airport every year. The whole area is said to have a size of almost 57 square kilometers. For comparison, that’s larger than the entire island of Bermuda. “Foster + Partners” call it an “Aerotropolis” for a reason.

With King Fahd International Airport, Saudi Arabia already has the largest airport in terms of area, as the list of the largest airports in the world shows. With its 770 square kilometers, it is significantly larger than the newly planned King Salman Airport. So far, however, the USA has been ahead with the largest airport in terms of passenger numbers. That is about to change. As early as 2030, the new King Salman International Airport aims to welcome 120 million passengers a year – which would (currently) make it the world’s busiest airport by passenger volume.

Living at King Salman International Airport

On the new giant airport alone, 12 square kilometers of space for shops, recreational facilities and logistics, but also residential facilities are planned. Large glass surfaces are intended to connect passengers with the outside world. The architects also want to change the traditional terminal at King Salman International Airport, among other things. In addition, the new mega-airport will help the Saudi Arabian capital to become a “global hub for creativity and innovation,” according to a statement from Foster + Partners.

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