She’s celebrating her 40th birthday: That’s why Kirsten Dunst doesn’t fit into Hollywood

Kirsten Dunst celebrates a milestone birthday on April 30th. The actress turns 40. In Hollywood, she has always distinguished herself from her peers.

Kirsten Dunst has made it to the top with her talent. But the actress doesn’t seem to fit into the world of the rich and beautiful. Apparently some of her colleagues think so too. Only at this year’s Oscars did Amy Schumer allow herself a questionable joke on the subject: she called Dunst a “seat filler”. At important events, they sit in the vacant seats while the stars go to the bar or use the toilet. But the successful actress, who has now turned 40, is not otherwise a Hollywood diva.

In an interview with News Corp Australia, Dunst revealed that he had previously refused cosmetic surgery. While appearing in three “Spider-Man” films between 2002 and 2007, she was slated to have her teeth changed “into those perfect Barbie doll teeth.” However, the actress turned down a producer’s request and to this day shows her natural laugh on screen.

Dunst didn’t want to change for Sofia Coppola’s “The Beguiled” either. Originally she was supposed to lose ten kilos for the film. The actress also refused. In an interview with Vanityfair, she said: “It’s so much harder when you’re 35 and hate working out.” Also, she would often eat fast food before work.

She talks about her depression

Even real Hollywood stars are not immune to illnesses. Dunst has been suffering from depression for years, as she revealed in an interview with The Sunday Times. That’s why she was treated as an inpatient in 2008. “It’s hard to talk about something so personal, but it’s also important to share,” said the actress.

In 2011, Dunst won Best Actress at Cannes for her role in Melancholia. In the drama by Lars von Trier she played a depressed young woman. The film prompted her to speak publicly about her own depression.

She keeps her personal life private

Although she and her fiancé, Jesse Plemons, are in the public eye, they reveal little about themselves. Dunst and Plemons met in 2015 on the set of the second season of “Fargo,” where they played a married couple. The two got engaged in 2017. Dunst has previously dated a number of actors including Jake Gyllenhaal and Garrett Hedlund.

Dunst was already in front of the camera for commercials as a small child. She made her screen debut in 1989 in New York Stories. At the age of 12 she was seen in “Interview with the Vampire” alongside Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. She was nominated for a Golden Globe as the youngest actress.

She then starred in the 1995 hit movie Jumanji. Other well-known films with Dunst are “I Love Dick”, “Girls United” and “Mona Lisa’s Smile”. Her latest released film is the western The Power of the Dog on Netflix.

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