46 sailors still being searched for in South Korean ship sinking.

South Korea are currently looking for 46 sailors after an unknown explosion near the countries border with North Korea resulted in a patrol boat sinking.

Hunt goes on for the missing sailors after South Korean boat sank yesterday.
Hunt goes on for the missing sailors after South Korean boat sank yesterday.

Yesterday six naval ships and two coast guard vessels were on the search for the 46 missing crew still missing near Baengnyeong Island, 210 kilometers North-West of Seoul. More then 50 sailors were rescued from the water which put hopes up for the family and relatives of the missing.

An unnamed official said, it was unclear why the ship which ways 1,200 tons sank. He continued by saying 58 sailors were rescued with 13 being treated for injury. The injuries of the sailors were not disclosed.

South Korea have played down rumors that North Korea were responsible for the explosion saying there were no unusual behaviour by North Korean vessels in the area when the boat was sank.

Seoul had also admitted that a second South Korean warship which was in the area had opened fire to an unknown target.

The South Korean media initially said that the fire was targeted at North Korean warships but that theory was fiercely denied by officials from joint chiefs of staff, saying suspicious activity could have been the result of a flock birds which prompted the war ship to open fire.

Both North and South Korea have had huge conflicts in the passed but both countries can ill afford tension with
North Korea already under pressure from the international community and neighbours due to it’s nuclear programs and South Korea who is currently trying to use it’s presidency at the G20 leading economies to improve their international ties.

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