This is how many cruise ships were scrapped in 2022

As is well known, the corona pandemic and the associated restrictions have hit the cruise industry hard.

Accordingly, the scrapping ports, above all Aliaga in Turkey and Alang in India, have also recorded a significantly higher volume of cruise ships to be scrapped in recent years. Last year, more ships than ever before found their final “rest” in the three largest cruise cemeteries in the world

According to a recent report by the industry portal “Cruise Industry News”, a total of 18 cruise ships from a wide range of shipping companies were scrapped in 2022. That’s twice as many as in 2021 – and more than ever before. For comparison: In 2019, i.e. before the outbreak of the corona pandemic, just two cruise ships were brought to one of the world’s dismantling ports for demolition. In 2016, not a single cruise ship was scrapped anywhere in the world.

These cruise ships were scrapped in 2022

“Carnival Sensation”

At the beginning of April 2022, the “Carnival Sensation” (see large photo above) of the US shipping company Carnival Cruise Line was brought to the Aliaga shipbreaking port in Turkey for demolition. The ship, built in 1993 and offering space for more than 2000 passengers and 900 crew members, was last modernized and expanded in 2009.

“Carnival Ecstasy”

This cruise ship, which started its last trip to Aliaga in November 2022, also belonged to the Carnival Cruise Line shipping company. The “Carnival Ecstasy” also had a capacity for around 2,000 passengers and 900 crew members.

Century Harmony, formerly Carnival Fascination

The cruise ship “Century Harmony”, operated by Carnival Cruise Line until 2020 and then sold to the shipping company Century Harmony Cruise Limited, came to Gadani in Pakistan in February 2022 for dismantling. It had a similar capacity to the “Carnival Sensation” and the “Carnival Ecstasy”.

“SuperStar Gemini”

The “SuperStar Gemini”, built in 1992, was a cruise ship owned by the shipping company Star Cruises, which had to file for bankruptcy in early 2022. The ship offered space for almost 1950 passengers and more than 700 crew members. In November 2022 she came to Alang in India for scrapping.

“SuperStar Aquarius”

At the same time as the “SuperStar” Gemini, her sister ship “SuperStar Aquarius”, built in 1993, came to Alang for demolition. She took more than 1500 passengers and 700 crew members.

Marella Dream

After two years in Greece, the “Marella Dream” operated by Marella Cruises was brought to the Aliaga shipbreaking yard for scrapping in June 2022. The ship, built in Germany in 1986, had space for around 1,500 passengers and 630 crew members.

“SuperStar Libra”

This ship, built in 1988, also belonged to the now insolvent shipping company Star Cruises. In recent years it has served as a residential ship, including for shipyard workers in Wismar. In May 2022, the “SuperStar Libra” reached the Aliaga shipbreaking port, where the cruise ship was scrapped.


The Horizon, built in Germany in 1990, was a cruise ship owned by Royal Caribbean Cruises, which operated for the Pullmantur Cruises shipping company until 2020. During the Corona pandemic, the ship, which had a capacity for around 1,440 passengers and 570 crew members, was anchored in Greece for two years before being scrapped in Aliaga in August 2022.


This ship, built in 1992, also belonged to Royal Caribbean Cruises for a long time and was also operated by Pullmantur Cruises until shortly before the Corona pandemic. It offered space for around 1440 passengers and 670 crew members. After being sold to a company in the United Arab Emirates, it finally made its way to the Alang port in India in September 2022.

Marella Celebration

Last operated by Marella Cruises in 1984, the ship was anchored in Greece for two years before being sold to Turkey’s Aliaga shipbreaking yard. It once had space for up to 1250 passengers and 520 crew members.

“Star Pisces”

According to Cruise Industry News, the Star Pisces, built in 1991, was the first ship in the former Star Cruises fleet to be scrapped. The cruiser, which has almost 1100 passengers and 750 crew members, started its last voyage to Alang in July 2022.

“Golden Iris”

Built in 1977, the “Golden Iris” sailed for various shipping companies and under different names during its long service life. About 1000 passengers had space on it, plus about 350 crew members. In July 2022, the cruise ship came to Aliaga to be scrapped.

Other smaller cruise ships scrapped in 2022

The list below contains the remaining cruise ships with a capacity of less than 1000 passengers that were also scrapped in 2022:

“Fuji Maru”
“Oriental Dragon”, formerly “Sun Viking”
“Titan”, formerly “Salamis Filoxenia”
“Odin”, formerly “Black Watch”
“Pearl II”, formerly “Saga Pearl II”

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