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The Reason for Cristiano Ronaldo – Jorge Mendes Separation Revealed

Why did Cristiano Ronaldo, who continued his career in Saudi Arabia's Al-Nassr team with a shocking decision, left Jorge Mendes?

Cristiano Ronaldo, who transferred to Saudi Arabia’s Al-Nassr team, parted ways with his manager of 20 years, Jorge Mendes.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Jorge Mendes

It was claimed that behind the scenes of the separation between Cristiano Ronaldo and Jorge Mendes, the star football player was imposed by Chelsea or Bayern Munich.

Transferring to Al-Nassr with a record annual salary, Cristiano Ronaldo parted ways with his manager of 20 years, Jorge Mendes.

Mendes, who was extremely disturbed by the interview Ronaldo gave to Piers Morgan before the World Cup, which caused him to leave Manchester United, understood that Ronaldo would not be preferred by Europe’s first-class teams, and the decision to leave came true for this reason. At least that’s what the news came out a few weeks ago.

The Spanish newspaper El Mundo, on the other hand, claimed that the star football player, after leaving Manchester United in an eventful way, rested against his manager Mendes, whom he saw as his “father”. According to the newspaper’s report, 37-year-old Ronaldo told Mendes, “You can either take me to Chelsea or Bayern or we’ll leave.”

When Mendes could not fulfill this request, Ronaldo did as he said and ended his relationship with his manager of 20 years, Mendes.

Ricky Regufe conducted the transfer negotiations with the legendary player Al-Nassr.

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