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Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s mother passed away

Turkey's Pm Erdogan with his mother Tenzile Erdoğan
Turkey's Pm Erdogan with his mother Tenzile Erdoğan

Turkey’s Pm Erdogan’s mother Tenzile Erdoğan died at 83 in Istanbul. Tayyip Erdogan cancelled his official schedule for today and returned to Istanbul.

Istanbul/NationalTurk – Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s mother, Tenzile Erdogan, died at the Istanbul Medipol Hospital, where she was taken into intensive care 4 days ago after she underwent gall bladder surgery.

The Turkish Pm had visited her mother in the hospital frequently this week. He was reported to be in the hospital, when her mother has died. Erdogan will cancel all of his schedule for today and tomorrow to attend her mother’s funeral and memorial ceremony.

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