US Raid in Somalia:US Attempts Capturing Al-Shabab Leader as Al- Shabab Increases Fighters in Barawe / Africa News


The US Marine Corps have tried to seize one of the leaders of Somalia terrorist group Al-Shabab in the town of Barawe but could not succeed.

Local residents in the town of Barawe told local reporters that due to the attempted seizure of Shabab leader, about 200 masked fighters of Al-Shabab have arrived in the town with heavy machine guns to fight the US commandos.

An anonymous resident told reporters that early on Saturday morning, US commandos approached a villa near the Indian Ocean coast where Abdukadir Mohamed Abdukadir is said to stay from time to time.

As they were putting up a ladder outside the building, a guard reportedly sounded the alarm, leading to an exchange of gunfire which lasted about 20 minutes. The US forces then withdrew to the beach, got into speedboats and returned to a waiting ship

Abdukadir Mohamed Abdukadir is well known figure in Al-Shabab and he is a prime suspect in the Westgate Shopping Mall attack in Kenya last month which more than 68 people were killed by Al-Shabab.

Pentagon spokesman George Little said Abdukadir Mohamed Abdukadir was closely associated with Harun Fazul and Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan, who helped with the 1998 embassy bombings and the 2002 attacks on a hotel and airline in Mombasa in Kenya.

“While the operation did not result in Abdukadir’s capture, US military personnel conducted the operation with unparalleled precision, this demonstrates that the US can put direct pressure on Al-Shabab leadership at any time of our choosing’’, Mr. Little said.

This failed operation in Somalia comes as the US seized alleged al-Qaeda leader Anas al-Liby from the Libyan capital Tripoli. Anas al-Liby is suspected of masterminding of the 1998 US embassy attacks in Kenya and Tanzania.

Secretary of State John Kerry said the operations in Libya and Somalia showed that the US would never stop “in its effort to hold those accountable who conduct acts of terror against humanity”.

Somalia Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon Saaid confirmed to reporters that Somalia is aware of the US raid in Barawe and added that Somalia provided the needed assistance to the US.

Al-Shabab has been forced out of most of Somalia’s major cities in the past two years but it still controls many rural parts of southern and central Somalia.

Issaka Adams / NationalTurk Africa news

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