Requested by users: WhatsApp releases new function

One WhatsApp account for multiple devices - previously this was not possible. But the messenger service is now releasing a new function.

If you get a new smartphone, you have to move your existing WhatsApp account from the old to the new device. The reason: WhatsApp is coupled with the phone number and can only be used on a cell phone.

Parallel use of a WhatsApp account was previously not possible. But that should change now. As Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg announced on his Facebook account, you can now use the messenger on four devices.

A WhatsApp press release states that the update should be “available to all users worldwide in the next few weeks”.

Use WhatsApp on multiple phones at the same time

The new feature allows users to use WhatsApp on multiple devices at the same time. An existing account on one smartphone can also be linked to another.

The messenger can also be used on another cell phone if the main device is not connected to the Internet. The end-to-end encryption remains.

“Each linked phone connects independently to WhatsApp, ensuring your personal messages, media and calls are end-to-end encrypted. If your primary device is inactive for an extended period of time, we’ll automatically log you out of all companion devices “Whatsapp said in a blog post.

The new function also makes things easier for companies that communicate with their customers via WhatsApp. In this way, several employees will be able to log in on several devices in the future.

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