Zelensky in the Flood Zone

Huge masses of water have been pouring out of the destroyed Kakhovka dam in the southern Ukrainian region of Cherson since Tuesday.

Now the Ukrainian President Zelenskyy is visiting the area – with the promise to compensate the people.

A few days after the destruction of the Kakhovka dam in southern Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy traveled to the flooded region. In the Cherson region, among other things, he got an idea of the ongoing evacuations, Zelensky said. He also wants to help support civilians with drinking water and other things and curb environmental damage.

Compensation for businesses and residents

Selenskyj had previously called on the world community to provide greater aid to the flood victims. The Ukrainian President also accused international aid organizations of being passive. During his visit, Zelenskyi also promised funds to compensate residents and companies who had to leave their homes and facilities due to the rising water masses.

In addition, Selenskyj published a video showing him with residents, rescuers and soldiers. You can also see houses, of which only the tip of the roof protrudes from the mass of water.

Flood area is getting bigger

The dam in the city of Nowa Kachowka, which was occupied by Russian troops, was destroyed on Tuesday night. Since then, huge amounts of water have flowed out of the reservoir: According to the Ukrainian representation, the flood area is already 600 square kilometers in size.

Huge masses of water continue to flow unhindered across the country from the reservoir behind the shattered dam. Numerous places have been flooded, including the regional capital of Kherson. The water level in the lake had dropped by a meter within 24 hours, according to the state hydroelectric power station operator Ukrhydroenergo in Kiev.

According to Russian sources dead and injured

According to Russian authorities, there are dead and injured. The mayor of the city of Nowa Kakhovka, which is located on the dam, Vladimir Leontyev, appointed by Russia, announced that five people who had been reported missing were dead. Two other missing people were found alive, Leontyev told Russian state television.

In the area, the Dnipro River is practically the front line. So far, at least 4,000 people have been evacuated on both sides of the front. The full extent of the disaster in an area of more than 60,000 people was still not clear.

Ukraine blames Russia

Like many international observers, Ukraine blames Russia for the disaster. The government of the attacked country is convinced that Moscow had the dam blown up in order to hinder the planned Ukrainian counter-offensive. Moscow denies the allegations and blames Kiev.

Probably also a setback for Russian troops

The General Staff in Kiev assumes that the Russian troops lost fighters, equipment and military technology as a result of the destruction of the dam. There are dead, injured and missing soldiers.

Experts from the US Institute for War Studies (ISW) also found that Russian defense positions on the front line had been destroyed by the torrential waters from the reservoir.

Russian military bloggers believe that Ukrainian troops can now penetrate the occupied territory more easily in order to recapture the region and then the annexed Black Sea peninsula of Crimea. Ukraine rejects this as propaganda.

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