Percy Hynes White: “Wednesday” star comments on abuse allegations

Percy Hynes White, who plays Xavier Thorpe in Netflix's popular series "Wednesday", has been on the agenda with sexual assault allegations for a while. White broke his silence on the accusations.

Young actor Percy Hynes White, who made his star shine in the Wednesday series with Jenna Ortega, has been accused of sexual assault for a while. White, 21, came to the fore in several tweets published in January for allegedly having sex with several women, at least one of whom was underage.

Finally, White defended himself on Instagram. He made the following statement without giving details about the allegations:

“Earlier this year, someone I’ve never met started an online campaign full of misinformation against me. Because of this, my family was exposed and my friends received death threats. The rumors are unfounded. I cannot accept being portrayed as a bigot or a threat to people’s safety. These are baseless claims that can create distrust.”

White also added that her character on Wednesday was combined with her real-life persona:

“My underage photos were used and the characters I portrayed were presented as hateful. My friend Jane was wrongly portrayed as a victim and her attempts to rectify the situation were ignored. He allowed me to include him in this message.”

White concluded his statement by thanking his supporters:

“It is very sad to know that this misinformation is upsetting people. I am truly grateful to everyone who stood by me and helped me share the truth. The harassment of my family, friends and co-workers must stop, please. Thank you for taking the time to read this.”

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