Heidi Klum’s first husband is hardly recognizable today

Kiedis, Briatore, Seal, Kaulitz: Heidi Klum's list of men is long and colorful. Today she celebrates her fifth wedding anniversary. 27 years ago, a star hairdresser was at her feet.

After more than 30 years in show business, Heidi Klum’s moving career has secured more headlines than her model competitors half her age combined.

Not a day goes by without a smooch photo with husband Tom or a pompously staged status report about daughter Leni’s overnight career development.

On the occasion of her fifth wedding anniversary with Tom Kaulitz, can the Bergisch-Gladbach native still remember all the many emotional highlights before the advent of digitalization, with so much current input and output? Well, we’re happy to help: Almost 27 years ago, in September 1997, Heidi Klum married for the first time. On a late summer Saturday she said yes to the Australian star hairdresser Ric Pipino.

With his cheeky goatee and waves of gray hair, the Klum lover from Australia was reminiscent of a timeless mixture of Zorro and a Sicilian Serie A midfield director. Why, why and why there was such a bad relationship between the model and the celebrity hairstylist is still not entirely clear today.

Unconfirmed “It was love at first sight” rumors are still circulating online. Pipino’s marriage proposal is said to have been celebrated at lofty heights, on the observation deck of the Empire State Building. In any case, the fact is: Anyone who can manage a five-year marriage under the eagle eyes of the greedy boulevards without any notable scandals has definitely done their emotional homework.

But in 2002 they separated. Even years after their marriage ended, there was no bad blood between the man who looks after the heads of Lady Gaga, Diane Lane and Donna Karan from New York, and the fashion icon from Germany, who alongside Pipino, Formula 1 Guru Flavio Briatore, musician Seal and current husband Tom Kaulitz also had something with a certain Vito Schnabel.

“I’m happy for them both!”

The latter is a good friend of Ric Pipino, as the Australian revealed to a tabloid in 2014. At the time of the interview, Heidi and her art dealer Vito were newly dating: “I’m happy for them both! It’s great when they’re happy. In any case, I wish them all the best,” said Pipino.

At that time, the Australian was only occasionally confronted with the name Heidi Klum. He had long since created a new love nest for himself, together with brand consultant and entrepreneur Jenne Lombardo. This relationship resulted in three children, Bowie, Valentine and Roxie. He also has a daughter named Sloane. The star hairdresser always likes to proudly show off his offspring on Instagram.

All’s well that ends well

But the relationship with Jenne Lombardo didn’t last forever either. In the here and now, the now 55-year-old is now floating on cloud nine with Janet Marcel. The two tied the knot in beautiful Santa Barbara in December 2020.

And Ric and Heidi? It remains questionable whether the former couple will ever see each other again at one of the big events Klum loved so much: “I have become very selective. I prefer to spend time with my three children,” said the Australian.

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