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18.4 Million Viewers Per Episode: “Game of Thrones” is most successful HBO series / Breaking News


Too much blood, too much sex, too much violence: The debate on “Game of Thrones” series has not harmed. With 18.4 million viewers per episode she is now the most successful series of the U.S. pay channel HBO. , And hits “The Sopranos” from the throne.

The series “Game of Thrones” has broken a twelve-year-old record of HBO: In the current fourth season average of 18.4 million viewers see the individual episodes, such as the U.S. pay TV channel now announced. The fantasy spectacle is thus “the most successful series in the history of HBO,” it says on the official Twitter account.

Previous record holder was the mafia series “The Sopranos”: For the fourth season in 2002, an average 18.2 million viewers per episode one. Were on HBO and are some of the most successful quality series on display, including “True Detective,” “True Blood,” “Boardwalk Empire”, “Girls” or “Sex and the City”. In Germany, the service is not to receive, but on Sky Atlantic shows a lot from the program. So also “Game of Thrones”.

In North America, currently runs the fourth season of the series, she had been eagerly awaited: to start in early April, the streaming service HBO Go collapsed under the onslaught of fans. The finals will be broadcast on June 15, two more seasons but are already ordered. The 18.4 million viewers per episode and those were added counted, who saw a repeat of the episode, they had streamed or downloaded in the online video library.

HBO Game Of Thrones:Fantasy defeat Zombies


“Game of Thrones” is broadcast since 2011, the series based on the books by George RR Martin. About the current Season was last heated debate: There were more violent scenes than usual, were added a rape among siblings and a lot of blood. “Could we not at least a week without rapes have” asked for example, the feminist blog “Jezebel”.

However, of even greater audience was able to announce the competition from AMC. In response to the publication of the HBO TV station reported a new attendance record for his zombie series “The Walking Dead”, as reported, among others, “The Hollywood Reporter”: So turn about 28 million viewers per episode one.

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