Anna Ermakova: “I’m worried”

The daughter of tennis star Boris Becker will soon be celebrating her premiere on a German entertainment show. One thing makes Anna Ermakova particularly nervous.

Even before she was born, she made headlines in Germany: Anna Ermakova, the daughter of tennis legend Boris Becker – allegedly conceived during an affair in a broom closet.

Even 22 years later, this story still clings to her. But now she wants to make her own name on German TV. Anna Ermakova takes part in the new season of the RTL show “Let’s Dance”.

A premiere for the model, who has been a topic in tabloid magazines for years in this country, but has never appeared in an entertainment program. That will change from mid-February – and the 22-year-old is already getting sleepless nights in particular: “I’m worried about performing in front of an audience and messing up my German,” Anna admitted in an Instagram video.

Fans celebrate Anna Ermakova’s video message

Although her father is German, she has hardly mastered the language so far. Because just like Anna and her mother Angela Ermakova, Boris Becker lived in London until his prison sentence in April and spoke mostly English. His daughter is currently studying hard for “Let’s Dance”, according to the official account of the show. She has already recorded her greeting in German.

Despite all concerns, she is looking forward to “rediscovering her long-lost passion” on the show, Anna explains in the clip. She has never danced professionally, but “always dreamed of it”.

The 22-year-old doesn’t have to worry too much about her language skills, because the fans are already celebrating her in the comments on the post. “I think that she speaks great German”, “Hats off, even if it was read”, “It’s great, dear Anna. Have courage, that’s really great” or “That sounds good. I’m happy I really appreciate you”, the users praise.

The 16th season of “Let’s Dance” starts on February 17th with the big introductory show. Then it will be decided which celebrities dance with which professionals on the TV floor. You can see which 13 stars are there alongside Anna Ermakova in our slide show above.

Anna Ermakova talks about her father’s fate

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