Avatar 2: First Reactions

The first reactions to "Avatar 2" are clear: the sci-fi spectacle is so good

After 13 years, the sequel to the most successful film of all time is finally awaiting us. But does it live up to the high expectations? / Avatar 2: First Reactions

Good things come to those who wait is well known. Accordingly, “Avatar: The Way of Water” should truly be a masterpiece. After all, director and author James Cameron took more than a decade to bring the ambitious sequel to “Avatar – Aufbruch nach Pandora” to the cinemas. The fact that it took so long was partly due to the fact that Cameron wanted to take the technical possibilities of our time to the next level again and also worked out a story that should extend to “Avatar 5” – or maybe even “Avatar 7”.

Whether it comes to that, however, depends on the success of “Avatar: The Way of Water” and “Avatar 3”. So the second part of the hopefully epic saga, which will start in German cinemas on December 14th, should be convincing in terms of quality. Whether this is the case is now revealed by the first press reviews that were recently allowed to see the film at the world premiere in London and that Variety has collected. With the following trailer you can already dive into the new world of Pandora:

The first “Avatar 2” voices promise the blockbuster of the year

The opinions are clear: “Avatar: The Way of Water” is outstanding both in terms of its appearance and its emotionality and apparently easily surpasses the first part. Director Guillermo del Toro is also impressed by the film:

“A breathtaking achievement. ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ is packed with majestic sights and feelings on an epic, epic scale. A master at the height of his power…”

“James Cameron once again shows filmmakers how to do it. I’ve said it a thousand times. Never doubt him. ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ shows how to epic blockbuster. Soulful, deeply emotional and as big as movies can get.”

“Glad to say that Avatar: The Way of Water is phenomenal. Bigger, better and more emotional than ‘Avatar’, the film is visually stunning, deeply emotional and incredibly captivating. The story, the spectacle, the spirituality, the beauty—this is filmmaking and storytelling at its finest.”

Avatar 2 Trailer;

“As an ‘Avatar’ fan I had high hopes for ‘Avatar 2: The Way of Water’ and for me the film definitely delivered. Sure, it’s a bit long, but the beautiful sights, wonderful new characters make it worth it. An absolute thrill.”

“I’ve seen [‘Avatar: The Way of Water’] twice now and am blown away by both the technical prowess and the unexpected emotional proportions. Yes, the world is expanding and the sequels are hinted at, but the characters are the most important thing. Cameron is at his best, especially in the final act. Good to have him back.”

Given the size and ambition of the production, it was probably already clear that “Avatar: The Way of Water” is the most epic blockbuster to be seen in cinemas in 2022 – maybe even the biggest ever. However, it is definitely promising that the reactions also praise the story, emotionality and characters. After all, these were aspects for which the first part is definitely criticized. Accordingly, the anticipation of the German cinema release of “Avatar: The Way of Water” on December 14, 2022 should only have increased. You can pass the waiting time until then with our quiz and check how well you remember the cinema year 2009, in which “Avatar – Aufbruch nach Pandora” was first released in cinemas:

After 13 years of waiting: First glimpses of “Avatar 2”

Avatar 2 – The Way of Water: First reactions to the film are pouring in

The first reactions to “Avatar – The Way of Water” are there and they are quite effusive. But there is also criticism.

Avatar – The Way of Water finally celebrated its premiere in London – the sequel was “only” 13 years away. Soon we will also be able to get an idea of Avatar – The Way of Water, because from December 14th the film will be flickering across the cinema screen in Germany. Until then, we can only piece together the question of how good or bad Avatar – The Way of Water is based on the initial reactions – an answer to the question of whether Avatar – The Way of Water will be a blockbuster or a mega-flop, is also gradually emerging.

So what are the early reactions to Avatar – The Way of Water?

Collider’s Perri Nemiroff describes Avatar – The Way of Water as pretty incredible. It was clear that James Cameron would raise the bar for future effects with the film, but the pictures are simply breathtaking. Every frame would impress. What makes Avatar – The Way of Water special, however, is that you are committed to the characters and the world construction.

Journalist Tom Beasley describes his experience in a similar way. Avatar – The Way of Water keeps all the promises, no matter how crazy, that the makers made in advance in terms of cinema innovation. The underwater pictures in particular are huge.

Joseph Deckelmeier from The Illuminerdi and ScreenRant also describes Avatar – The Way of Water as a masterpiece. He is almost convinced that Cameron shot the film on another planet. The film is long, but it would have carried him away the whole time. It is an event, as was the case 13 years ago with Part 1.

Scott Mantz, who praised the visual effects but felt the film was dragged out, was less enthusiastic. The plot is weaker than part 1 and drags on for 3 hours and 10 minutes.

This is echoed by Empire Magazine’s Amon Warmann, who praises the 3D and action (particularly in the final act) but feels that many storylines stall and only then pick up again. The high frame rate was also a “hit & miss” for him. To this, Ian Sandwell of Digital Spy adds that there are also too many characters to serve.

Avatar 2 Trailer

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