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James Cameron dive into Mariana Trench successful, called as ‘ heck of a ride ‘

James Cameron dive to Mariana Trench : Cameron told himself : It is rock bottom baby
James Cameron dive to Mariana Trench : Cameron told himself : It is rock bottom baby

James Cameron dive to Mariana trench completed. The US director became the first man to successfully complete a solo-journey to the deepest point in the ocean, the 11 kilometre deep Mariana Trench in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

James Cameron, the 57-year-old creator and director of classics and hits like Terminator, Titanic and Avatar descended to the Mariana Trench in the depths of Pacific Ocean in a specially designed submarine he named Deep Sea Challenger, the deepest diving manned machine ever constructed.

James Cameron Mariana Trench dive : Footage released

James Cameron has released the footage of his solo dive to the deepest point in the world’s oceans. The world-renown director stated he had visited ‘ another planet ‘at the Maraiana Trench – desolate, foreboding and moon-like – and it felt a bit lonely.

‘My feeling was one of complete isolation from all of humanity,’ he said after returning from the Pacific Ocean’s deepest point, where he traveled to the bottom of Mariana Trench alone in a specially designed submarine named Us style Deep Sea Challenger.

The acclaimed film producer and director, who has created a number of astonishing worlds for millions of viewers all over the world, was amazed by what he saw in the Mariana Trench, even though the view was not nearly as picturesque as his movie-realities.

James Cameron dive to Mariana Trench : Cameron told himself : It is rock bottom baby

‘ There had to be a moment where I just stopped, and took it in, and expressed, ‘This is where I am; I’m at the bottom of the ocean, the deepest place on Earth. What does that mean?’” Cameron stated after spending 180 minutes at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, nearly seven miles -11 kms- below the earth’s surface.

‘ I just sat there looking out the window, looking at this barren, desolate lunar plain, appreciating it,’ James Cameron confessed rather commercially.

Perhaps the only disappointment for the film director was that he did not see any strange deepwater creatures. All those he did encounter were small, but voracious shrimp-like critters not bigger than an inch (2.5 centimeters) in length.

James Cameron Mariana Trench dive : Next time I ‘ll bring bait to Mariana trench creatures

There was also one technical malfunction in the Deep Sea Challenger. Just as Cameron was about to collect his first samples of rocks and critters, a leak in the hydraulic fluid sprayed into the water, rendering it impossible to bring anything back.

James Cameron ‘s first action at the bottom of the Earth’s deepest point, Mariana Trench was to send a tweet. As James Cameron successfully reached the bottom of the Mariana Trench , Cameron ‘s Tweet read: ‘Just arrived at the ocean’s deepest pt. Hitting bottom never felt so good. Can’t wait to share what I’m seeing w/ you.’

The director spent some three hours under water having recorded video material of what he saw on the bottom of the Ocean and gathering samples for biologists and geologists to study. The video material will make the core of a new National Geographic documentary.

James Cameron Mariana Trench dive : An expedition with deep sea challenger at the Pacific

The epic Mariana Trench diving expedition by James Cameron began around 350 kilometres southwest of the Pacific island of Guam, the National Geographic members reported. Before Mariana Trench dive to the sea floor James Cameron held a test dive with the submarine gone down 8 kilometres.

James Cameron and the crew of oceanographers arrived at the Mariana Trench on March 19. The Mariana Trench dive was planned to take place several days ago, but was postponed due to bad weather.

A special medical crew met James Cameron, the conqueror of Mariana Trench as he rose back to the surface; however no instant reports on his physical condition were reported.

According to National Geographic News the Expedition physician Joe MacInnis informed before the dive that Cameron’s recent test deep-dives proved he was in good shape and that he expected the US director would be fine.

In 1960 Swiss Engineer Jacques Piccard and US Navy Captain Don Walsh were the only two other people to go as deep as Cameron. However they went to the surface too fast, unable to see almost anything.

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