Bailiffs look for Yeliz Koc’s ex from her every month

The War of the Roses between Yeliz Koc and Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht never ends. There are regular accusations – especially from the influencer. Now she’s going out again, talking about committed actors and the 30-year-old’s money problems.

One thing is for sure: there is a lot of trouble between Yeliz Koc and Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht after the breakup last year. They have been bickering publicly on social media for weeks, and the influencer in particular is the one who unpacks many sensational details.

And now she’s doing it again. “I won’t let that happen to me,” she recently emphasized in her Instagram story, according to “Bild”. The target of their latest allegations is not only the 30-year-old, but also Sky, where the reality format “Die Ochsenknechts” is broadcast.

Sky showed her daughter “legs apart”

The broadcaster had previously said in a statement: “Yeliz does not reflect the level of ‘Die Ochsenknechts’. It is not relevant to the series and will not be discussed in the coming season.” The 28-year-old’s response: “My level is not up to the Ochsenknechts, but it was enough for the first full season, so I was the hanger.”

She even claims that not everything in the TV production is taken directly from the life of the famous family: “I have no level, but you hire actors to play a bailiff.” That doesn’t make any sense for her, because: “Almost once a month he’s at my door with some letters that are for Jimi because he hasn’t paid for something again,” she says.

Koc also makes another serious accusation against those responsible for the show: They would have shown their daughter Snow Elanie “spreading their legs”, although they would have forbidden it.

Jimi doesn’t know what his daughter looks like right now

In addition, Jimi Blue has still not signed out of the apartment they shared at the time and does not give up the front door key. “I said please send it to me, I still haven’t received it,” she explains.

“I also think it’s so blatant that he travels through world history, is happy and doesn’t even know what Snow looks like at the moment. I think it’s really that bad,” she continues. She never thought that of her former partner, she was “really wrong about him”.

Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht is mostly silent about his ex’s public statements. Recently, however, there was a reaction on his Instagram account, and he spoke of “many untrue rumors” that were circulating. “It is not an easy situation for anyone involved and we are trying to find the best possible solution for everyone.” The break in contact with Yeliz Koc was necessary to avoid further arguments.

Snow’s parents will soon be reuniting in court, the former The Bachelor contestant explains. “I’m looking forward to the court date, I’m excited to see how it ends.”

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