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Drunk Driving and Car Racing: Justin Bieber arrested in Miami Beach / Breaking News


The police in Miami Beach accuses Justin Bieber of being driven drunk car. He is said to have participated in an illegal street race in a rented Lamborghini. The 19-year-old was arrested.

The party for Justin Bieber is over for now: The police in Miami Beach has the singer arrested – for drunk driving and participating in drag races, so-called Drag Races.

A police officer had observed in the morning to a little after four clock a race between two cars, a police spokesman said. Two other cars were used to block the track for other cars.

Justin Bieber was reportedly taken into custody early Thursday morning. It is expected that he will, in the course of the day in jail of the county of Miami-Dade. The management and lawyers of the singer have so far not commented on the arrest.

According to the local TV station NBC6 Bieber was in a rented yellow Lamborghini traveling. Also, the driver of the other sports car had been arrested. According to the transmitter Bieber was so fast on the road that it took quite a while to have police cars caught up with him.

Even before Bieber had made during his trip to Florida for attention. According to the “Miami Herald” he is said to have spent tens of thousands of dollars on a visit to a strip club.

With the authorities Bieber had several times contact in recent times. In his villa drugs were found after a neighbor had accused him of having thrown eggs at his house. Also in the bus of the singer investigators had seized narcotics.

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