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Fight against IS: US-Army may use Turkish military bases / Breaking News

Flight ops aboard USS George H.W. Bush

Fighter jets of the U.S. Army and its allies will be allowed to start of Turkish military bases from air attack in Syria. In addition, there are Kurdish fighters are trained.

In the fight against the radical militia IS the United States and its allies will be allowed to use bases in Turkey. The National Security Advisor of the United States, Susan Rice, said on Sunday evening in a television interview, the Turkish Government had agreed that targets in Iraq and Syria are likely to be served by the military bases. In addition, permission was granted, moderates Syrian rebels in the fight against “Islamic state” (IS) train.

A private military intervention by Turkey excluded, although international pressure on the country grows. The U.S. government has been negotiating for days with Ankara about what Turkey could even help to combat extremists. But also calls for an auxiliary corridor in the besieged Syrian border town of IS Kobane has been rejected Turkey.

“We will do more,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Sunday – but that he did not mean the fight against IS, but the violent clashes between Kurdish protesters and security forces.

Kurds around the country demonstrating for days against the reluctance of the Turkish government in Syria. According to the government were in the last week in protests in several Turkish cities killed 31 people and more than 350 others injured.

Fight against IS: Sharper laws in response to Kurdish protests

Referring to the protesters told Erdogan that Turkey “would not state when they would not be able to get a few crooks to bow down.” The previous evening he had called for Parliament to rapidly adopt new laws, “to clean the streets from these vandals quickly”.

With 15 million people ask the Kurds about a fifth of the population of Turkey. Many of them are demanding more political and cultural autonomy. In the decades of conflict over these claims have been killed tens of thousands of people.

Critics accuse the government in Ankara, in Syria and therefore hold back because the YPG is a sister organization of the banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party PKK, which is also classified as a terrorist organization by Western powers. The Turkish government is negotiating with the imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan on a settlement of the conflict. Ocalan was now announced from prison, Kobane should fall, this meant the end of the peace process.

As of Monday, the military chief of the international coalition will advise against the IS at a meeting in the USA on its strategy in Syria and Iraq. Turkey calls for an internationally coordinated strategy that includes not only the IS in the barriers, but also the Syrian civil war ended by the local President Bashar al-Assad is overthrown.

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