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Anbar before the fall: IS defies Iraqi troops and US air strikes / Breaking News

A vehicle belonging to the Iraqi security forces is seen in the Anbar province town of Hit

The fighters of the terrorist militia “Islamic State” continue their conquest. The Anbar province in northern Iraq threatens to fall. Also for the Kurdish city Kobane in Syria see military observers little hope.

In western Iraq, the Dschihadistengruppe “Islamic State” sets (IS), the government troops under increasing pressure. From the bombing of the US-led alliance, the fighter can hardly impress. The main front line is currently going through the strategically important province of Anbar, which lies west of the capital Baghdad. Even the Iraqi government troops can keep the dam in Haditha and Ramadi, however, they can push back the IS-fighters not.

The Iraqi government has therefore addressed an urgent request for assistance to the Allies, as the British news channel BBC reported. Baghdad fear that the province will be no longer hold soon. The risk of not even military experts in the United States. The situation in Anbar province is “fragile,” said a senior official of the U.S. Department of Defense on Friday in Washington.

The blame they see but rather with the Iraqi forces, “you start a deployment, and after one kilometer you stop it,” he said. “That’s not a good situation.” The situation in the north of the country where Kurdish peshmerga fighting against the Sunni extremists, was different, said the Pentagon representatives. “The Kurds are moving forward, conquer cities and territories back, and we can vote with them,” said one of the officials. The Kurdish fighters were much better than the Iraqi government troops, there was “no comparison” between them.

Anbar before the fall:Kurds defend themselves from attack on the center of Kobane

The international military alliance led by the United States for weeks flying air strikes on positions of the IS in Iraq and Syria. In Iraq, they can slow the advance of the group so that at least. In Syria, however, succeeded the jihadists take large parts of Kobane on the border with Turkey. On Saturday succeeded the Kurdish militias first stop an advance of Dschihadistengruppe the center of the northern Syrian city. 90 minutes had been heavy fighting, then the IS-fighters had withdrawn, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The alliance was also attacked in the early morning two IS-positions south and east of Kobane from the air.

On Friday, the IS had conquered the command center of the Kurdish people’s defense units (YPG) and controlled according to the Observatory now around 40 percent of the city. The UN special envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura, however, warned on Friday of a “massacre” at the beleaguered civilians.

The Syrian Observatory relies on a dense network of informants in Syria. Its director, Rami Abdul-Rahman, said on Saturday, small groups of Kurdish fighters tried to break the siege of the IS-militias and extremists as to fall in the back.

Anbar before the fall:Criticism of Iraqi forces

Meanwhile, Turkey said to a stronger commitment to the fight against the US-IS information. Ankara had agreed to train and equip moderate Syrian rebels, said U.S. State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf, after consultation of the retired U.S. General John Allen and the Iraq Representative Brett McGurk with representatives of the Turkish government. A U.S. military delegation goes accordingly in the coming week to Ankara for talks with the Turkish army.

According to the US-expert Jackson Janes USA have the Syrian border town Kobane “Islamic State” (IS), however, long since given up fighting the Dschihadistengruppe. “Kobane will be a victim,” Janes said of the Johns Hopkins University on Saturday the transmitter Germany radio culture. In the United States prevailed after the Iraq War’s attitude not to send troops, as long as the immediate neighbors in the region are not active. And Turkey, located at the boundary Kobane, was not yet ready.

In the moderate rebels in Syria apparently growing discontent over the air attacks of the Americans. As the “Washington Post” reported, many of the fighters of the view that the bombing had mainly used the regime of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. In the meantime would also those who had once called for air attacks by the United States, burn American flags to express their protest.

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