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Former police chief and minister convicted in Turkey

A Turkish High Criminal court has convicted Mehmet Agar, a former Turkish police chief, politician and government minister in a trial relating to the Susurluk affair in 1996 that has shaken the country, to five years of imprisonment.

The former head of Turkish security forces and government minister and former Democrat Party President, Mehmet Agar is convicted to a 5 years prison sentence by a in a trial Turkish High Criminal court, relating to the Susurluk affair in 1996, which revealed illegitimate alliances between the criminal world, the police and the politicians after a car crash in the small town of Susurluk.

Turkey Politics in Shock

He is accused of establishing an organization with the aim of committing criminal acts. Mehmet Agar stated in response, that nothing is determined as yet and taht there are higher courts in Turkey to evaulate and judge.


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