Harry and Meghan Documentary: Next trailer fake?

Actually, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan wanted to use their Netflix documentation to show their point of view and tell their truth.

But even the first two trailers have very little to do with the truth. In it, footage was taken out of context and cropped to make it appear as if the Sussexes were being chased by paparazzi. Even RTL reporter Dan Farrington appears involuntarily in the Harry Meghan trailer. And that’s not all! You can see what the huge scandal is all about in our video.

Image repurposed from “Harry Potter” premiere

The new trailer for the Harry and Meghan Netflix documentary raises many questions. But the ubiquitous one floating in the room is this: Did the disgraced Sussexes tamper with their own documentary? In the advance notice, images appear in several scenes that do not correspond to the facts. For example, it shows an apparently desperate Meghan, who was still heavily pregnant at the time the pictures were taken, whose eyes wander backwards – to the paparazzi who are said to be pursuing them.

A black-and-white image is also used, showing a number of photographers seemingly scrambling for a photo. But instead of chasing Harry and Meghan, they were at the London premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 in July 2011. As accredited press representatives, they snapped photos of celebrities on the red carpet – no members of the royal family were present . In addition, Archie and Lillibet’s parents did not even know each other at the time.

First documentary part will be published on December 8th.

The first episode of the six-part Netflix series is expected to air on December 8th. released. It is unlikely that the royal family will react to possible attacks from the Sussexes. The king’s attitude towards the California-based couple’s recent drama was recently described as “tired”.

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