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Israel rejects Saudi consulate general in Jerusalem

There is a cautious rapprochement between Israel and Saudi Arabia. However, Israel does not want to accept the establishment of a Saudi consulate general responsible for the Palestinian Authority.

Israel opposes the establishment of a Saudi consulate general in Jerusalem to serve the Palestinian Authority.

“We will not allow any kind of diplomatic mission to open in Jerusalem,” said Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen.

On Saturday, Saudi Arabia appointed an ambassador to the Palestinian Authority for the first time. The office will also be assumed by the Saudi Ambassador to Jordan, Najef al-Sudairi, as the envoy remains his country’s representative in Jordan. The embassy in Amman said Al-Sudairi would also serve as Consul General in Jerusalem.

Last rapprochement between Riyadh and Jerusalem

Saudi Arabia has not yet recognized Israel as a state and supports the Palestinians. Nevertheless, the relationship between Israel and Saudi Arabia had recently relaxed somewhat. Riyadh allowed direct flights from Israel to Saudi Arabia for the first time in 2022. For a recognition of Israel, however, Saudi Arabia demands that the goal of a Palestinian state is also taken into account. However, the right-wing Israeli government under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected any major concessions to the Palestinians.

The Palestinian government under President Mahmoud Abbas is striving to establish a state that will include the West Bank, parts of which are occupied by Israel, with East Jerusalem as the capital. Israel, however, considers Jerusalem its own capital.

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