Cuba and Bulgaria will collaborate in volleyball

The volleyball federations of Cuba and Bulgaria will collaborate through a program and several actions, the digital newspaper Jit reported.

The official publication of the Cuban Sports Institute (INDER) pointed out that the presidents of both institutions, Ariel Sainz and Lubomir Ganev, respectively, signed a letter of intent to develop this sport in their nations.

Among the aspects agreed upon are the hiring of players, the organization of bilateral sports meetings, training bases, the training of coaches, the use of facilities and exchanges of delegations.

Sainz, who is also the INDER vice president, explained to the visitors the work that has been done for years to put Cuba volleyball back among the world’s elite.

Cuban ambassador Alejandro Francisco Diaz presents his credentials to President Erdoğan

He expressed optimism about achieving the Olympic qualification for men, as well as the progress of the main men’s beach volleyball team, which should make many dreams come true, especially in the next cycle, he noted.

Ganev, who visited Cuba seven times as a player, pointed out that many ideas for the future could result from this meeting.

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