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Joaquín Sabina is “pissed off” with the Cuban government

The Spanish singer-songwriter Joaquín Sabina made publicly known how he feels about the situation that afflicts the people of Cuba and confessed that he was really upset and disappointed with Fidel Castro's “revolution”.

“I am very pissed off. And also pissed off with the devastating failure of all the revolutions of the 20th century. I was a friend of the Cuban revolution and of Fidel Castro. But I’m not anymore, I can’t be”, commented Sabina in an interview with the newspaper El Mundo.

Later in his statements, he said he was on the side of the people and not the government of the country: “Now I am on the side of those who are demonstrating and of those who are exiled from the island. Those of us who have been on the left have the responsibility to tell the truth in the face of some disasters on the left”.

Sabina stated that both Cuba and other supposed leftist governments in Latin America have the country plunged into misery: “I am outraged by Daniel Ortega’s betrayal of Nicaragua. This is something I can’t talk about without shitting on those responsible for the infamy, the betrayal, ”he snapped without qualms.

Sabina is one of the most followed musicians in the Caribbean nation, for which reason his recent statements are essential support in the face of the unprecedented crisis that is drowning the country.

In previous interviews, the Spaniard had also criticized the direction that that utopian revolution of his youth had taken.

“Every generation has its youthful illusion and its disenchantment. And I do not celebrate this disappointment, but I do not know if we have to believe in utopia again, after seeing the pathetic development that utopias have had everywhere, ”he expressed in 2017 to the Chilean media The Clinic.

“Look at what is happening today in Venezuela. Or in what Castro’s Cuba has remained, which was the revolution of my youth. It is tremendous how badly revolutions age…even worse than people”, he added in the discussion.


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