Ivana Knöll: I was never afraid of being arrested

Ivana Knöll keeps her fingers crossed for the Croatian team in Qatar.

For the stadium, the influencer wears tight outfits – which should be a thorn in the side of the authorities. / Ivana Knöll: I was never afraid of being arrested

Ivana Knöll is a fan of the Croatian soccer team and will be keeping her fingers crossed for the team during the World Cup – and that on site in Qatar. During her visits to the stadium, the former Miss Croatia has always attracted the camera lenses of the photographers. The reason: she always opted for extremely tight and tight outfits. Actually a taboo in the country.

The tourism authority says that guests should show respect for the local culture and avoid revealing clothing in public. If you have followed Ivana Knöll’s performances on site, it is clear: the 30-year-old did not comply with this request.

Although the influencer was still comparatively covered in her team’s opening game on November 23 against Morocco. Her red-and-white tiled dress was floor-length, hooded, and only showed a lot of skin at the cleavage. She explained to the US portal “TMZ Sports” that she had chosen the dress carefully to see how one would react.

Since she didn’t have any problems with her fashion choices, she would have opted for less material for Sunday’s match against Canada. Her mini dress on the day was strapless and featured a sweetheart neckline.

Ivana Knöll - Qatar
Ivana Knöll – Qatar

The Croatia-native wore a cropped bustier and slim-fitting pants when the Croatians managed to draw against Belgium on December 1. She was photographed in knee-high socks and a miniskirt in the most recent match against Japan, in which the southern Europeans secured progress.

“Then arrest me”

But not only in the stadium does the native Croatian go without a lot of material. She is also very revealing on Instagram during her stay in Qatar. Recently she posted pictures of a shoot on the beach there. According to her own statements, she has not felt any consequences for this either. In conversation, she also emphasizes: “I was never afraid of being arrested because I am who I am and I don’t think I can hurt anyone if I wear a bikini. And if that’s why I deserve it to get arrested, arrest me.”

She also doesn’t want to disrespect the residents with her designs. It is much more important to her that everyone can wear what they want and that it is appropriate for their own culture. She even explains, “The locals have reassured me that I can wear whatever I want.”

Your performances pay off. Before the start of the World Cup, she had 900,000 followers – on December 6 she already had 1.4 million.

Bare midriff, low-cut décolleté: KURIER explains the woman who drives Qatar’s men crazy

Bare midriff, low, very low-cut décolleté: Ivana Knöll is photographed at least as often at the World Cup in Qatar as Luka Modric, Ivan Perisic or Dejan Lovren. One is the World Cup stars for Croatia, the other is the World Cup star among the spectators in Qatar. But who is this woman who is not following the dress code in Qatar?

Before the World Cup, the Qatar tourism authority warned visitors that “they should respect the local culture and avoid revealing clothing in public”. Ivana Knöll apparently has her own view of freedom of movement. Her Internet name already shows that: knolldoll – Knollpuppe – she calls herself on Instagram with 1.4 million followers.

Who dares to go into the stadium dressed so lightly in the national colors of Croatia (red and white checkered) that the cameras keep clicking. Especially the cameras of the Qatari men, who are not used to being seen in public. They look fascinated, take pictures and wave Ivana Knöll over for selfies. Also on Monday again in the game Japan against Croatia (2:4).

Ivana Knöll was born in Frankfurt am Main

Ivana Knöll is Croatian, but with German roots, as the name shows. She was born in Frankfurt am Main, where she spent the first seven years of her childhood. Today she lives in Zagreb (Croatia) and Miami (USA). Knöll is 30 years old and works as a model: she is 1.80 meters tall, weighs 58 kilograms, has black hair and brown eyes. Zodiac sign: Virgo.

And their appearances on the World Cup grandstands are business, clever marketing. Ivana Knöll actually just moved her catwalk appearances to Qatar’s stadiums: because she also sells these mega-scarce items in red and white, which she wears at Croatia’s soccer games – under the Wearknolldoll brand. Ultra tight tops, bikinis, bathing suits, dresses. Exactly what she wears to the games. Just two clicks and you are on Instagram in their online shop.

Next provocative performance: Friday, 4 p.m

Ivana Knöll does not believe that she will have problems with the Qatari authorities because of her freedom of movement. Looking at the men in Qatar, she says on Bild-TV: “They support that, after all they come to me to take photos with me.”

The 30-year-old has the next provocative appearance on Friday at 4 p.m.: Then Croatia kicks against Brazil in the quarter-finals. And Ivana is guaranteed to be there again.

Croatia disappointed against Morocco

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