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Last minute: Sony pulled out of Turkey

It is alleged that Japanese electronics giant Sony has closed its Turkey office.

Operating in Turkey with its Playstation game console, televisions and camera product range, Sony has terminated its Turkey operation. Its office in Ümraniye, Istanbul will also be closed.

According to what we heard, the company informed its employees on Friday that it would carry out its activities in Turkey through distributors.

It will continue to serve for the camera department with a limited staff for the transition period. It will continue its television and playstation game console and game services through distributors.

Founded in Turkey on March 12, 1990 as Sony Servis ve Mühendislik AŞ, the company was renamed Sony Eurasia Pazarlama AŞ on January 17, 1995. The company decided to close its office in Turkey on Friday, January 27. It is not yet clear when the company, which will carry its product, service and range to distributors during the transition period, will make its official closure.


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