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The grain ship departing from Ukraine will arrive in Istanbul tonight

It has been announced that the grain-laden ship, which departed from Ukraine yesterday, will arrive in Istanbul tonight.

Joint Coordination Center Coordinator Rear Admiral Özcan Altunbulak announced that the grain ship that left Ukraine yesterday will arrive in Istanbul tonight.

Noting that the first ship carrying grain from Ukraine after the Russian invasion, Altunbulak continued on its way as planned, “The ship named Razoni is expected to anchor at the assigned anchorage in Istanbul at midnight due to sea conditions. After the necessary procedures, an inspection will be carried out on the ship with a delegation consisting of representatives of Turkey, Russian Federation, Ukraine and the UN and the ship will continue on its way according to the result of the inspection. With the awareness that the eyes of the world are on the collective works we will put forward here, that we have a great responsibility and that we have undertaken a historical and humanitarian mission, we will continue our duty and harmonious work at the center as we have done so far.”

The official said, “The duty of the established center is; In order to help solve the global grain crisis, to ensure that the grain, fertilizer and similar food products to be exported from Ukraine are carried out safely from the ports of Odessa, Chernomorsk and Yuzni in accordance with the initiative document.

The Sierra Leone-flagged corn-laden ship named Razoni had sailed from Ukraine’s Odessa Port to Lebanon yesterday.

Shipments from Ukraine, one of the world’s most important grain producers, had come to a standstill due to the Russian occupation. The grain corridor agreement signed in Istanbul with the participation of Ukrainian and Russian ministers under the mediation of Turkey and the United Nations will allow merchant ships to reach Turkey from Ukraine through safe corridors and then proceed to international markets.

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