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Toddler stuck in Stewpan

child stuck in stewpanA 4 year old toddler from Şanliurfa/Turkey got stuck in a stewpan while playing.

The mischievous child went into the kitchen while her mother was preparing dinner and saw the stewpan on the floor where she slipped herself into it and got stuck.

The mother of the unfortunate girl first tried to remove her from the pan herself. When the mother’s efforts did not help, the family drove to the hospital to remove the child from the stewpan.

The distraught family and child could not be taken out of the Stewpan in the hospital either so as a last resort they were sent to a fire station.

Here the child was finally taken out with special apparatuses used on car accidents. The child though a little distressed from her ordeal looked relieved when rescued from the Stewpan

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