Lufthansa lacks uniforms for staff

The flying staff at Lufthansa is upset. The reason: the group lacks uniforms. Now the employees swap their clothes internally.

Lufthansa has a problem. Although the group was able to bridge the Corona period well thanks to state aid, there is a lack of staff and machines – and according to a report by “Wirtschaftswoche” also uniforms for the flying personnel. This has angered airline employees.

The problem has apparently been known for a long time. Verdi trade union secretary Dennis Dacke told Wirtschaftswoche that the problem had existed for a long time: “There’s a real storm of jubilation when something arrives.” According to the article, internal forums say: “I no longer want to fly in my completely torn-down uniform.”

“What can I do other than show up to work naked in protest?”

Lufthansa also confirmed the problem to the medium. However, these are “temporary bottlenecks, which also affected the procurement of replacements for some uniform items and sizes.” According to the group, the reason for the lack of uniforms is not with Lufthansa itself, but with the clothing industry. The group is now receiving more deliveries again. In addition, solutions or alternatives can always be offered in urgent cases.

The annoyance of many Lufthansa employees, however, is that the colleagues at the group’s own low-cost airline Eurowings have enough uniforms. And that, although the airline has recently grown much faster than the parent company – and therefore also needed more new uniforms. Until the bottlenecks have subsided, Lufthansa is relying on a pragmatic solution: an internal clothing exchange. However, this is nothing unusual, but according to the group “a common practice regardless of delivery bottlenecks”.

According to the “Wirtschaftswoche”, the employees see the defect a little more soberly: “The defect makes a bad impression on our customers and does not match our premium claim.” Another employee put it more radically: “What can I do other than show up to work naked in protest?”

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