Lufthansa wants to hire 8,000 new employees

The "fly big" recruitment campaign started on Monday - the Lufthansa Group is looking for qualified personnel for several airports across Germany.

Pilots, IT specialists, lawyers and technicians in particular are being sought in the second major wave of recruitment, as the group announced in a press release. In order to be able to guarantee a trouble-free process, the number of employees at many Lufthansa and Eurowings locations is to be increased significantly by the end of the year.

A total of 14,000 new professionals

Lufthansa wants to be significantly more punctual this summer than in the chaos summer last year. For this reason, the Lufthansa Group announced a hiring offensive for this year last November, promising around 20,000 new jobs.

At the beginning of the year, 6,000 new employees were hired in various areas. The Lufthansa Group’s second major recruitment campaign under the slogan “fly big – your job? Means the world for us”.

A further 8,000 employees are to be employed by the crane and its subsidiaries by the end of the year.

Where is recruited?

The Lufthansa Group operates in over 150 companies worldwide. The positions to be filled at various locations are correspondingly diverse. Within “fly big”, the workforce is now to be increased, particularly at the locations in Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Vienna and Brussels, as well as at Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg and at the bases of the Eurowings Group.

Within the campaign, new employees are currently being advertised in print, radio and online media as well as on all social media channels. There is also a large range of apprenticeships, dual courses of study and working student positions. It is also possible to apply for several positions at the same time.

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