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Morocco: Israel has decided to recognize our sovereignty in Western Sahara

According to the statement of the Moroccan Royal Court, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent a message to the King of Morocco, stating that they had decided to recognize the sovereignty of Morocco in the Western Sahara region.

The Moroccan Royal Court, in a written statement, announced that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent a message to the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, and that in his message they decided to recognize the sovereignty of the country in the Western Sahara region.

According to AA, Netanyahu announced in his message that Israel had decided to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over the Western Sahara lands. Stating that this stance of his country will be embodied in all relevant actions and documents of the Israeli government, Netanyahu noted that the United Nations (UN), regional and international organizations that Israel is a member of, and all countries with which Israel has diplomatic relations will be informed of this decision.

In his message to the King of Morocco, Netanyahu also shared that Israel is considering opening a consulate in Dakhla, in the southern part of Morocco, within the framework of reinforcing this decision.

In the statement of the Royal Court, it is not stated how or by whom the message was conveyed to King Mohammed 6, while Israel has not yet made an official statement on the subject. In a statement on July 3, Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen announced that the Arab countries with which his country has signed normalization agreements will bring together under the auspices of the United States, and at the 2nd Najaf (Negev) Summit, which is planned to be held in Morocco, the decision to recognize Rabat’s sovereignty in the Western Sahara region. He had stated that they would.


After Morocco annexed the former Spanish colony of Western Sahara in 1975, the tension that started between the pro-independence Polisario Front, which Algeria supported, and the Moroccan administration continues. Morocco argues that the region should remain under its sovereignty, while the Polisario Front argues that Western Sahara is an independent state.

The Polisario Front was conducting an armed struggle against Moroccan security forces until the ceasefire agreement reached in 1991, mediated by the United Nations (UN). Negotiations on the status of Western Sahara have not been successful since the ceasefire agreement. The United States, under President Donald Trump, announced that Washington recognized Moroccan sovereignty in Western Sahara, following the agreement between Morocco and Israel to establish full diplomatic relations.


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