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Muslim countries should snap ties with Israel: Kashmiri leader

Srinagar, June 06: Strongly condemning the Israeli aggression on aid activists and Palestinians, senior Kashmiri separatist leader Syed Ali Geelani on Friday called on all the Muslim countries to snap ties with Israel.

syed-ali-shah-geelaniAddressing an anti-Israel protest rally in Srinagar, the summer capital of Indian Kashmir on Friday, Geelani termed the recent assault of Israeli commandos on aid workers as “state terrorism”. “Israel has been tormenting Muslims of Palestine since 1948. It has not only occupied Palestinian land but has thrown out 40 lakh people from there. It has been killing Palestinians under the very watchful eyes of international community,” he said.

Terming the recent attack on the aid workers in which some Turkish nationals were killed as ‘Israeli barbarism’, the Kashmiri leader said Turkey and all other Muslim countries should snap ties with Israel till Israeli military vacates Palestinian land.

During the anti-Israeli protests on Friday, people were chanting pro-Palestinians, pro-Islamic, anti-Israeli and anti-US slogans. “Palestinians are our brethren. We can’t act as mute spectators on the atrocities being inflicted by Israel on them,” the protestors said.

Addressing the protestors, Geelani said the backing from United States and United Kingdom has emboldened Israel to the extent that its troops are killing nationals of other countries. “US and UK have been maintaining double standards on Palestine issue. The two countries have been providing financial and military assistance to Israel, which in turn is imposing blockade on Palestinians,” he said and asked US and UK not to provide military and financial assistance to the Zionist country.

The Kashmiri leader urged the Muslim countries to force Palestine to lift the blockade of Gaza. They should provide monetary assistance to the Palestinians.

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