Princess Kate’s parents are worried about debt

Princess Kate (42) is currently fighting bravely against cancer. During this difficult time, Carole (69) and Michael Middleton (74) are a great support to their daughter.

But the in-laws of the heir to the British throne, Prince William (41), currently have major financial worries.

It has now become known that the bankruptcy estate of her company “Party Pieces,” which went bankrupt last year, does not even cover the insolvency resolution fees.

When the first photo of Princess Kate emerged in early March following her hospital stay in January, she was seen sitting in the car alongside her mother Carole Middleton. Carole lovingly looks after her daughter. But she and her husband Michael are not only worried about their daughter’s health, the couple also have a lot of debt.

As early as 2023, her company, which sold party items for children’s parties, had to be sold due to bankruptcy. The Middletons owe their creditors three million euros. The company “Interpath Advisory” (IA), which is responsible for handling the insolvency, has now confirmed, according to the British newspaper “Mirror”, that the process will take longer than expected.

The reason: There is not enough money to be able to satisfy the legal requirements and creditors’ requests. So far we have received around 60,000 euros, but the costs amount to around 300,000 euros.

The company, which the former British Airways manager Michael and his wife Carole, a former flight attendant, founded in 1987, was once considered a success story. The profit the company made enabled the parents to send their children Kate, Pippa (40) and James (36) to the renowned boarding school Marlborough College, giving them a good professional career. But Corona caused the downfall of the party hat empire.

Princess Kate donated her hair to cancer charity


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