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Nigeria Week of Bloodshed: More than 100 People Die in Ethnic Clashes / Africa News

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More than 107 people lost their lives over the weekend in what is termed as Nigeria Week of Bloodshed in northern and southern parts of the country.

More than 100 people were reportedly killed in a raid on 3 villages in Kaduna state on Friday night. Officials say the attacks are link to disputes between ethnic groups.

More than 70 people were killed in similar attack on Thursday in Katsina State by allegedly Fulani cattle herders who have a history of tension with local farmers in the area. But it is unclear whether it the same attacker that was involved in this latest incident in Kaduna.

Local reporters say heavily armed men entered three villages in the Kaura district in southern and central Kaduna, opening fire on residents and setting houses and properties ablaze.

An eyewitness who visited the scene told the BBC African Service that those killed were in the villages of Ugwar Sankwai, Ungwan Gata and Chenshyi and they had been so badly burned that they could not be identified.

Vice chairman of the Kaura local government authority, Daniel Anyip told the Reuters African Service that bodies are still being collected from the bush.

“We are still picking bodies out of the bush but so far there are more than 100 killed, the casualties are devastating’’, he said.

It is not clear who was behind the attacks, but local residents in the area say the attackers are members of the Fulani tribe who are cattle herders.

Human Rights Watch said in December that sectarian clashes in Kaduna and neighboring States have left 3,000 people dead since 2010, adding that Nigerian authorities had largely ignored the violence.

Political analysts have warned that Nigeria could slip into serious crisis if immediate steps are not taken to provide maximum security across the country. Nigeria is battling with Boko Haram insurgencies which have left more than 5, 000 people dead since 2009 and if ethnic violence also adds up to the situation, it could lead to disaster.

Meanwhile, as people die in Kaduna State, 7 people were stampede to death in a stadium in the capital Abuja.

The stampede occurred when jobseekers were reportedly taking a recruitment test to be enlisted into the Immigration Service of Nigeria on Saturday. Medical officers say some sustained serious body injuries are being treated in various hospitals in the city.

Local reporters said many people had turned up to take the amplitude test by the Immigration Service but officials in charge of the stadium only opened one entrance of the stadium which is believed to have caused the stampede.

Unemployment in Nigeria is very high especially among young people from universities and colleges.

Political analysts say the stampede shows the desperation of people living in the country. Nigeria is rich in oil but the wealth has enriched a few elites amongst the population.

President Goodluck Jonathan is battling with Nigeria’s economy as allegations of corruptions have been made by high ranking government officials amid some questioning is leadership style.

Several lawmakers and State Governors have defected from his ruling party, the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) to join the opposition.

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