Ireland Green Day: New York City Mayor boycotted St. Patrick’s Day Parade / Breaking News


Especially in the green of the Irish St. Patrick’s Day will be celebrated around the world. And not in rainbow colors, say the organizers of parades in the United States. In protest boycott gay and lesbian events – and two mayors.

The St. Patrick’s Day is basically a day that has not generated many conflicts. The saint and patron saint of Ireland is presented annually on 17 March thought – by people of Irish descent color everything green world what can not defend itself.

The Chicago River, for example, who must endure regular green color, the water of the fountain in front of the White House and a lot of sights – the illuminated green from the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Sydney Opera House, the Moulin Rouge in Paris to the Sphinx in Egypt, be.

This year, however simmers in U.S. cities. The occasion: The organizers of the parade in New York do not allow the revelers to come out with rainbow colors or emblems other than gays or lesbians. Bill De Blasio, New York City Mayor has responded and announced that it would not take part on Monday in the largest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the USA on Fifth Avenue.

Chicago River Dyed Green In St. Patrick's Day Tradition
Chicago River Dyed Green In St. Patrick’s Day Tradition

In Boston, the city of Upper Martin Walsh was on Sunday not seen at the parade , because the participation of one of the largest gay activist groups , Mass Equality , had not been allowed. “Our Irish history was strongly influenced by the struggle against oppression ,” said Walsh , the Irish vote is , in a statement. As mayor of Boston he would do his best to ensure that all citizens can participate in civic life in his city completely . This year would have been no agreement between the organizer Allied War Veterans Council and the activist group can be achieved.

The White House North Lawn Fountain is dyed green on St. Patrick'
The White House North Lawn Fountain is dyed green on St. Patrick’

Beer manufacturers have joined the boycott. Guinness as the main sponsor in New York has withdrawn his support , as well as Heineken . In Boston, it was Sam Adams. Ireland’s Prime Minister Enda Kenny was on the occasion of the holiday in Boston and wants to march in New York on Monday . At the protests , he said earlier in Dublin: “At the St. Patrick’s Day Parade ( in New York) , it ‘s about our Irish- being and not about sexuality. ”

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