Russia Withdraws from the Nuclear Deal

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that they are withdrawing from the "New Start" nuclear weapons reduction treaty.

Vladimir Putin announced that his country is ending its participation in the strategic offensive weapons agreement.

Putin, who gave messages in his speech in the Federal Assembly attended by members of the parliament, cabinet members and senior bureaucrats, announced the decision they took on the agreement on the reduction of nuclear weapons.

Stating that Russia suspended the agreement known as “New START”, Putin emphasized that they will not allow the US and NATO to inspect Russia’s nuclear facilities, and said, “Today I have to announce that Russia has suspended its participation in the strategic offensive weapons agreement. If the US tests new nuclear weapons, Russia will try its own weapon in response. “I have instructed the Ministry of Defense to be ready for the test,” he said.

In a statement last November, US State Department Spokesperson Ned Price announced that the US and Russia will hold consultation talks in the near future to restart mutual inspections under the “New START” agreement, which aims to reduce nuclear weapons.

The agreement signed in 2010 limited the two countries’ deployed strategic nuclear warheads to a maximum of 1550. Under the agreement, the number of launch pads and heavy bombers was set at a maximum of 800.

In January 2021, shortly after US President Joe Biden took office, the two countries extended the agreement to 2026.


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