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He has only one arm at birth, but under the basketball hoop he takes on each: The US teenager Zach Hodskins is the star of his high school team and even has an offer from the University of Florida.

Zach Hodskins is a talented basketball player in his high school, he is considered one of the best in a team. But the 17-year-old is different than his teammates: Hodskins can only dribble with the right fit and make the basket. Because his left forearm lacks of birth.

The disability has not prevented them from becoming a “excellent thrower,” as it’s certified observer Hopskins. His coach is impressed by Hodskins development: “Everyone has situations where he thinks it does not continue,” says Milton high school coach Van Keys: “And then you and Zach guckst to know: The young has overcome so much to play at this level. ”

Many youth with disabilities as a model and see Hodskins come in contact with him. “It’s incredible to hear from them, and to see that there are others who are going through the same thing. I love to talk to them and try to be a good example.”

Previously, there were doubts

But Hodskins inspired not only his fellow man. His skills have even now the young person brought an offer from the University of Florida. There he will join the varsity team. This meant a lot to him says Hodskins. “My whole life I have worked for this opportunity.”

A grant, as it is offered in the U.S. many exceptional young athletes, however Hodskins not get it. He should recommend the training and the second team, then maybe even waving inserts in the first team – and financial support for university life.

The Scouts of the university were not only convinced of the good throwing technique Hodskins, but also honored its athletic, tough style of play. His disability was hardly about what Hodskins particularly pleased: “I love the fact that they see me in the first place as a player who can reach the next level.”

Doubts about his talent was always there, of older players, but also of Hodskins himself: “When I was younger, there were always doubts whether I would be able to play on the level at which I play now..”

However, doubts have now been dispelled. Coach Van Keys prophesied many more successes: “Zach can do things with his arm, which can not even many basketball with two is as simple as that.”

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