Strange robbery woman dances on counter as partner robs store

DALLAS (Cihan) – Strange and comical robbery shocked the American people when they watched the surveillance camera pictures which was taken by the market’s camera.

CCTV Video of peculiar robbery in Dallas, United States.

[media id=347 width=610 height=340]

The strange robbery happened in the U.S city of Dallas. In the video picture one of the robbers is stealing the cigarettes behind the counter while the other robber is dancing on the counter as though she was trying to distract the shop worker.

The pair looked as though they were high on drugs but this has not been confirmed.

At the end of the robbery, the cashier managed to push away the robbers by taking a stick to his hand but they still managed to escape with a few stolen items.

Since the peculiar robbery took place hundreds of calls had been made to police stations after security camera footage was aired on National TV and a woman has been arrested and charged.

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