They executed the Georgian mafia leader in Turkey

It was understood that the person who lost his life as a result of an armed attack in Trabzon was Revaz Lordkipanidze, nicknamed 'Rezo Tbilisi', of Georgian origin, the leader of the criminal organization.

Revaz Lordkipanidze, a Georgian national, who was sitting in his car in the parking lot of a complex, was attacked by a person who got out of the car with Bulgarian license plate, in the incident that took place yesterday in Trabzon’s Yomra district, Kaşüstü.

64-year-old Lordkipanidze, who was severely injured by a bullet hitting his head, could not be saved despite all the efforts made in the hospital where he was taken.

Police teams, investigating the scene and the surrounding area, detained two people.

After the incident, news sites from Georgia announced that the person who was murdered in Trabzon was Revaz Lordkipanidze, the mafia leader known as ‘Rezo Tbilisi’ in the underground world.

It is claimed that Lordkipanidze, who is claimed to lead various organized groups, was imprisoned for more than 15 years for robbery and drug crimes.

The investigation into the murder of the gang leader, who carries out criminal organization activities in France and Russia, continues in Turkey.

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