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Fight for Gezi Park:PM Erdogan takes revenge on rebellious Chamber of Architects / Turkey News

Turkey Protests

The Turkish Chamber of Architects is one of the biggest critics of the plans for the Gezi Park in Istanbul. Now comes the punishment by the Erdogan government: Parliament has passed a law prohibiting the professional association, the voice of the future construction projects.

The Turkish Chambers of Engineers and Architects are among the biggest critics of the development of Gezi Park in Istanbul. Their umbrella organization TMMOB has repeatedly opposed the plans of the Erdogan government for the area in Taksim Square.

Now the ruling AKP has avenged for the resistance: In a night session Parliament clearly circumcised with the voices of Erdogan’s party late Tuesday night, the rights of the professional associations. The TMMOB should get no more say in future city planning projects. According to the new law, the future has only the Ministry of Environment and Urban Development, the sole authority over such projects.

Turkey Protests: AKP Government defends new rules

The CHP parliamentary group deputy of the opposition, Akif Hamzacebi, described the proposed legislation in the parliamentary debate as “part of the witch hunt of the government because of Gezi Park”. The government, it is about to take revenge and further polarize the society, said the politician.

“The government can bleed TMMOB and those who show solidarity with the protesters from Taksim Square,” criticized Hamzacebi. “There are no technical reasons.”  The TMMOB had the protest movement against the development of parkland significant support to the tens of thousands of protesters took part. Their representatives Mücella Yapıcı is also spokesperson of the Taksim solidarity platform. On Monday Yapıcı was arrested.

The AKP defended the new rules.  Parliamentary group deputy Mustafa Elitas said the TMMOB acted in the past without legal basis. He acknowledged that the new law could provide irritation. Elita, however, assured that the new rules had been adopted for the benefit of architects and engineers in Turkey.

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