Two dead at Frankfurt Airport

Two bodies were found at Frankfurt Airport. The background is unclear, but apparently there is a crime behind it.

The police found two bodies in a parking garage at Frankfurt Airport on Thursday night. As a spokesman told t-online on Friday morning, the lifeless people were discovered around 3 a.m.

A witness initially reported a lifeless woman lying on the floor in the parking garage. The officers drove there – and discovered another body on a different level of the parking garage. The man was also not in a car but on the ground.

Dead in the parking garage: There was a gun next to the man

The police are currently assuming a relationship act, further details on the motive are not yet known. Neither does the relationship between the man and the woman.

According to a reporter at the scene, the dead had gunshot wounds. A gun is said to have been lying next to the man. The police suspect that the person with the gun is also the shooter.

Forensic security is on site, the area has been cordoned off over a large area. The car park is the Gateway Gardens car park on Jean-Gardner-Batten-Strasse.

Two bodies found at Frankfurt Airport

Two bodies are found at Frankfurt Airport. Both dead have gunshot wounds.

Frankfurt – Two bodies were found in a parking garage at Frankfurt Airport on Friday night (March 31). According to initial information from the police, a lifeless woman was discovered around 3 a.m. on a parking deck in the Gateway Gardens car park on Jean-Gardner-Batten-Strasse.

Shortly thereafter, investigators came across another body: a dead man lay on another level. Both people were not found in cars.

The woman is said to be a 50-year-old and the man is said to be 47-year-old.

Bodies found at Frankfurt Airport: suspected murder weapon found on dead man

According to initial information, both bodies had gunshot wounds. A weapon was found next to the dead man, who is considered the suspected perpetrator. The investigations by the police in Frankfurt have so far indicated a relationship crime. Further information is currently not available.

The forensics are on site at Frankfurt Airport, the area in the Gateway Gardens multi-storey car park has been cordoned off extensively.

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