Beverage maker Pepsi is changing its logo

After 14 years, Pepsi announces a revolution: in future, a new logo will be seen on the cult drinks.

It is the first major brand relaunch in 14 years: the soft drink manufacturer Pepsico is changing its logo. As the company announced on its website, the new design will initially be seen on the shelves in North America in the fall – on the occasion of the 125th anniversary. It will be rolled out worldwide in 2024.

The innovation will be found on all Pepsi items, including beverage packaging and clothing, as well as in the hospitality industry. “The new logo and visual identity pays homage to the rich heritage of the brand while also taking a big step forward,” the company said in a statement.

In an increasingly digital world, the redesigned and clean design brings movement and animation to the visual system. This gives Pepsi more flexibility to move between physical and digital spaces, from the retail shelf to the metaverse, the company said.

More contrast and liveliness

In order to present itself as “healthier” and more sustainable than in the past, the color black will play a greater role in the logo in the future. It was previously associated with the sugar-free “Pepsi Zero” and will now be used for the new Pepsi logotype. The color palette has also been expanded to include the color “Electric Blue”. The aim of the refresh is to give the classic Pepsi color scheme more contrast, vibrancy and a contemporary touch, Pepsico said.

“Pepsi is a shining example of a brand that has reinvented itself over 125 years to remain a part of pop culture and people’s lives,” said Mauro Porcini, Pepsico’s chief design officer of the relaunch. However, compared to the drinks manufacturer’s older logos, it is striking that elements that were already in use have been adopted, such as the arrangement of the colors and the curved lines:

Some users have already rated the new design on Twitter – but they are divided. “I’m not a fan of the new logo,” says one comment. One user thinks it resembles the Dutch flag, which has the same color scheme. “The taste counts, the logo doesn’t matter,” judges another. But there is also encouragement: “The Pepsi logo is so pretty,” writes a user. “It doesn’t look bad,” tweeted another person.

Pepsi, officially Pepsi-Cola, is a caffeinated soft drink from the company Pepsico and Coca-Cola’s main competitor. Pharmacist Caleb Bradham of New Bern, North Carolina introduced the drink in 1898. Today, Pepsico is one of the leading beverage and food companies in the world.

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