US actress Annie Wersching dies

She has appeared in dozens of TV series, including "Star Trek: Enterprise", "Vampire Diaries" and "24": Annie Wersching has now died at the age of 45.

American actress Annie Wersching died on Sunday at the age of 45. This was reported by the US broadcaster CNN, citing her husband Stephen Full and her publicist Craig Schneider.

“There is a huge hole in the soul of this family, but they left us the means to fill it,” Fulls said in a brief statement. Cancer was given as the cause of death.

Wersching appeared in dozens of TV series in her career. In addition to “Star Trek: Enterprise”, later also “Star TRek Picard”, she was also seen in the “Vampire Diaries”, “Bosch” and “General Hospital”. One of her most famous roles was that of FBI agent Renee Walker on the series “24”.

“My heart is broken into more pieces than I can count”

Jon Cassar, director and producer of the series “24” told the US magazine “Deadline”: “My heart is broken into more pieces than I can count”. “Annie came into my world with an open heart and an infectious smile […]. Annie became more than just a work colleague, she became a true friend to me, my family and all the actors and crew who worked with her.”

A call for donations was also set up on the crowdsourcing platform “GoFundMe” to support her family. Wersching is survived by three sons, Freddie (12), Ozzie (9) and Archie (4) and her husband Stephen Full.

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