US series star Andrea Evans is dead

She played in the most successful soaps in America and was considered a TV icon. Andrea Evans has died at the age of 66.

“Shadows of Passion”, “The Rich and Beautiful”, “Love, Lies, Passion”, “Passions” – these soap operas have been among the most successful on American television for decades. Andrea Evans was in all of them.

The actress embodied roles in the series, sometimes spanning several hundred episodes. She rose to fame as the scheming Tina Lord in the late 1970s and stayed true to the soap genre.

In the USA she is considered a TV icon. The grief for Andrea Evans is correspondingly great. She died on Sunday at the age of 66 from complications from cancer. Her close friend and colleague Don Carroll confirmed this to the industry magazine “Deadline”. A wave of sadness broke out on social media. On Twitter and Co., numerous fans remember the legendary roles of the actress.

Born in Aurora, Illinois, Evans competed in beauty pageants from a young age and performed on regional theater stages before appearing as an extra in Brian De Palma’s horror classic The Fury and other small roles in Hollywood productions in the late ’70s. Famed soap casting director Mary Jo Slater caught her eye and cast her in “Love, Lies, Passion,” her big break.

Andrea Evans: Stalker forced her to withdraw from the public eye

Evans left the series in the early 1980s and joined “Shadow of Passion” as Patty Williams. In 1985, she returned to her signature role of Tina Lord, for which she was Emmy-nominated. But then Evans abruptly left the soap and withdrew from the public for almost ten years. Only later did she announce the reason for this: she was molested by a stalker who, among other things, wrote her death threats in blood.

The man was eventually arrested and Evans resumed acting roles, but the fear “changed me forever,” she said in a 2008 interview. In the same year she returned to “Love, Lie, Passion” and was again seen as Tina Lord until 2011. Most recently, Evans starred in the Amazon Prime series The Bay.

The actress announced a few years ago that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was undergoing treatment. She is survived by husband Steve Rodriguez and daughter Kylie.

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Sad news from the USA: TV star Andrea Evans is dead. The actress was 66 years old.

As the “Los Angeles Times” reported early Tuesday morning, the 66-year-old died last Sunday at her home in Pasedena, California, after losing the battle with breast cancer.

Evans was a celebrated soap star in the USA and acted in a number of TV productions – including “Love, Lies, Passion”, “Passions” or “Rich and Beautiful”, where she played the role of Tawny Moore.

“She was an enormous talent and an absolute pleasure to work with,” the newspaper quoted manager Nick Leicht, who confirmed the sad news.

She was last seen in the Amazon series “The Bay” as Patty Walker (2017 to 2020).

A number of condolences are already circulating online.

So fans and colleagues said goodbye to the American TV icon, shared old snapshots and recordings of Evans and were deeply affected by the death of the 66-year-old.

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