Sophia Thomalla’s ex-husband got engaged

Seven years after his divorce from Sophia Thomalla, musician Andy LaPlegua shares big news with his fans: he has gotten engaged again.

In the past, Sophia Thomalla was in a relationship with several musicians. One of them is the Norwegian singer Andy LaPlegua.

The presenter got together with him after her four-year relationship with Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann ended. The couple married in 2016, but divorced just a year later. Now Andy LaPlegua’s next wedding is coming up.

The 48-year-old posted several photos on his Instagram account in which he can be seen by the water with his current partner Maegan. Apparently the photos were taken while on vacation. In the first picture of the photo series, she is smiling happily and holding her hand directly in front of the camera – you can see an engagement ring with a fairly large stone on it. To see all photos, you must click to the right on the Instagram post.

As if the photo wasn’t significant enough, Andy LaPlegua also confirmed the engagement with a short text. “Maegan said yes. I caught a wonderful specimen and was able to celebrate on the bluest of all blue seas,” he wrote alongside the photo.

“You are perfect together”

There were many kind words and congratulations in the comment column of the post. “I’m so happy for you,” wrote one follower. “Everything makes sense with you. I wish you a great life together,” reads another comment. “You are so perfect together. Only the best for you,” said another user.

According to his Instagram profile, Andy LaPlegua and his partner have been a couple since at least October 2021. At that time he posted the first post with her, in which they both smiled relaxed into the camera. “Every day is a gift. Cherish it,” he wrote.

This is Andy LaPlegua’s third wedding. Before his marriage to Sophia Thomalla, he was already married once, to the erotic model Kellie LaPlegua. The two separated for several years before the musician and Thomalla tied the knot. The presenter is also in a relationship again: the 34-year-old has been the woman at tennis player Alexander Zverev’s side since the end of 2021.

Sophia Thomalla cheers on Alexander Zverev in a swimsuit dress


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