Ahmet Güneştekin purchased Palazzo Gradenigo

Turkish painter and artist Ahmet Güneştekin purchased Palazzo Gradenigo, one of the most well-known historical buildings in Venice and one of the exhibition areas where the Venice Biennale took place.

Palazzo Gradenigo, one of the symbols of Venice, will now serve under the name Güneştekin Art Refinery.

Ahmet Güneştekin said about the Venice development: “I am already very excited about the work we will carry out in Palazzo Gradenigo.

While he said, “It is a very good step that it will provide exhibition and promotion opportunities to our young artists supported by Güneştekin Foundation,” he did not make a statement about the sales price. The artist said, “I care about it being an artistic value rather than an investment value.”

Sharing on his Twitter account this morning, Güneştekin shared the following messages;

“We are proud to announce beautiful art news to you!

We are happy to announce that we have acquired Palazzo Gradenigo, one of the historical symbols and Renaissance buildings of Venice.

This six hundred year old building is now “Güneştekin Art Refinery”.

Palazzo Gradenigo was built for the Gradenigo family, one of the most famous members of the Venetian aristocracy. This family is among the 24 founding families of the Republic of Venice.

Palazzo Gradenigo has also been the setting for great novels: Henry James’ “Letters from Aspern” and Gabriele D’Annunzio’s “The Flame”, which was praised by James Joyce.

Palazzo; It is a building with high windows and built in an aristocratic style. It is located in Castello, the largest and most crowded area of the city.

Venetian shipyard, Church of Santi Giovanni e Paolo, St. It is in the same area as architectural, artistic and touristic areas such as Zacaria Church, Castello Gardens and Venice Biennale venues.

Palazzo, a detached Venetian structure, has six floors and bears the typical features of Venetian architecture, with valuable fresco decorations by 18th century painters in the large halls on each floor.

Palazzo Gradenigo is also one of the main exhibition areas where the Venice Biennale takes place.

I think that this important historical and elegant place, which has witnessed time for centuries, will now add value to art as “Güneştekin Art Refinery”.

The Palazzo will also provide exhibition and promotion opportunities for our young artists supported by the Güneştekin Foundation to make our voices heard to the world on behalf of Turkey through art.

We are happy to share this excitement with you, hoping that it will open horizons for the art world.”

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