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Cuba names new prime minister after more than 40 years

Cuba named a new prime minister Saturday after more than four decades since the post was abolished when Fidel Castro became president.

Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz, 56, was named to the post by the National Assembly of People’s Power, the legislative parliament of Cuba, according to Press Latina.

Marrero, who was nominated to the post by the President Cuba Miguel Diaz-Canel, will serve a five-year-term, in accordance with the new constitutional amendment approved in April.

Diaz-Canel said earlier he nominated Marrero for prime minister because he is hard working and honest, as well as due his effective work done during his 16 years as tourism minister.

Following the new constitutional amendment, Diaz-Canel was elected the country’s president in October.

A constitutional amendment in 1976 was made under Castro and the post of president was changed to President of the Council of Ministers.

The new constitutional amendment paved the way for the country to elect its first president in 43 years.


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