Anna-Maria Ferchichi is in the hospital

Between all the family photos, Bushido suddenly posts a picture that worries fans. / Anna-Maria Ferchichi is in the hospital

His wife Anna-Maria Ferchichi is currently being treated in a clinic.

In his Instagram story, Bushido first shared a picture of his children. The rapper wrote quite simply: “Time is running…” Just nine hours later, the musician posted the next snapshot for his more than two million fans.

“We miss you, Anna-Maria Ferchichi”

In the photo, his wife Anna-Maria Ferchichi can be seen lying in a hospital bed. She has a cannula in her arm, and the mother of eight was given an intravenous line.

It is not known why Sarah Connor’s sister is currently in the clinic. Bushido only wrote about the photo: “We miss you, Anna-Maria.” She herself has not yet commented on her state of health on her Instagram profile.

The photo that Bushido shared with his fans suggests that the 40-year-old is doing better again. Because the snapshot shows a smile on her face.

Married for ten years

Anna-Maria Ferchichi and Anis Ferchichi, as the rapper’s real name is, have been a couple since 2011. A year later they sealed their love with the yes word. At first nobody believed in their relationship. But just a few days ago, the two celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary.

Last year they became parents of triplets. Anna-Maria is now the mother of eight children. For Bushido, daughters Leonora, Naima and Amaya are children number five, six and seven. His wife has a son from a previous relationship, Montry, who is now 19.

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