Aurora Ramazzotti gives intimate insights

About two months ago, Michelle Hunziker's daughter became a mother for the first time. Aurora Ramazzotti shows her fans what her life has been like since then.

At the end of March, Aurora Ramazzotti and her partner, Italian marketing manager Goffredo Cerza, announced that after five years together as a couple, they had their first child.

Since then, the presenter has been all about her son Cesare, as her Instagram profile shows. The 26-year-old regularly publishes recordings on her account that document her life as a new mom.

With her latest post, Aurora gives her more than 2.5 million followers a very private insight and also shares very intimate moments. In a gallery of nine photos and videos, which you can browse through by clicking on the arrow on the right, the daughter of TV star Michelle Hunziker and singer Eros Ramazzotti shows herself breastfeeding or with a breast pump in bed.

Another clip shows Goffredo with Cesare relaxed on the couch. The baby is lying on his dad’s chest, who is playing with his little legs. You can also see them when they go for a walk. Aurora also shares photos of herself, sometimes casually with a baby carrier, sometimes styled for an event. This “moodboard”, as she writes, is intended to visualize the current mood in her life.

“Beautiful authentic shots”

The fans of the 26-year-old are very enthusiastic about the private insights. “Beautiful authentic shots,” says a follower. “It’s great that you show yourself like this,” praises another. “You are so cute together” or “More of this, please” are other of the many comments that can be found alongside countless heart and heart-eye emojis.

Like several hundred thousand other people, Michelle Hunziker leaves a like. Aurora is the eldest daughter of the presenter and comes from her marriage to Eros Ramazzotti, to whom she was married from 1998 to 2009. She has two other daughters with her ex Tomaso Trussardi, eight-year-old Celeste and one year older Sole.

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