Cathy Hummels comments on the allegations

There is criticism of Cathy Hummels' company. Are the accessories really high quality? Now the influencer is reacting – but still leaves open questions.

The “bee GRACED” website advertises its own designs and “high quality” products. But how “own” and “high-quality” are they actually?

This question has been floating around for a few days. Many users on social media have criticized the accessories that can be purchased from the online shop, behind which moderator Cathy Hummels and her business partner Sarah Dirsch are.

A few of their advertised products show up on other websites for a fraction of the price. This circumstance is met with anger and incomprehension among users. What’s behind it? Does “bee GRACED” purchase cheap goods in order to resell them at a higher price – or have other companies simply copied their designs? Now the entrepreneurs are speaking out.

“Everyone is free to shop there”

Sarah Dirsch was “totally perplexed” when she found out that her products were also sold elsewhere. “We know what we’re doing. We know what we’re doing and how – with all our heart and soul. And we stand behind what we do,” she emphasizes.

Cathy Hummels is also behind her business, adding: “Everyone is free to shop there.” If the products from “bee GRACED” are too expensive for you, everyone can of course fall back on cheaper goods, the influencer thinks. But as far as the allegations are concerned, “we have an absolutely clean record,” says Hummels.

Where do the “bee GRACED” products come from?

Nevertheless, questions remain. How do women explain that apparently identical products are sold cheaper on other sites? In addition, there are said to be earrings that have only been available from “bee GRACED” since August 2nd – although they were already offered on other sites before that. There is no explicit explanation for this.

In a previously published statement, it was also said that the company obtains its products “from other, particularly selected suppliers at higher purchase prices”. Exactly what those are remains a mystery. Sarah Dirsch only explains that they are “forced” to produce in other Asian countries in order to make the goods “affordable” for everyone.


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